Don’t Forget To Breathe

1Take a step back to stop what you’re doing, cut out all the noise, and spend a minute to think about where your life’s at right now. Be grateful for your family. Be grateful for your friends. Be grateful for the good things that’ve happened to you. For those who are less fortunate, always know there are people wanting to help. You only have to shout a bit louder and maybe knock twice since we can be hard of hearing.

“The sweet is never as sweet without the sour.”

The gist of this saying is that we’re constantly given opportunities to make our lives better. It’s just a matter of what we do with those open windows and remembering not to take them for granted. Whether you’re trying to get ahead in your career, meet that special someone, or just trying to make ends meet, the key to staying happy is being grateful for what we’ve got and staying positive while we try to get more.

Take a step back to figure out specific ways to do this and remember to do them on a regular basis. It may be as simple as blocking out ten minutes everyday to think about things that happened, calling someone to shoot the breeze, or stepping outside for fresh air breaks to take in what’s around you. Otherwise, you forget to remove yourself every once in awhile and do some plain old thinking.

Just make sure that you’ve got a healthy balance of the happy and the harsh. If you’re constantly stressed out, depressed, or miserable you’ve got to reassess what’s going on. Is there an end goal that’s good? Is it worth the pain you’re going through? Don’t just go through the motions and live the rest of your life like that – talk to people and make a change.

Then remind yourself that periodic challenges are stepping stones to good ones and that help is always around when you need it. Recognizing this fact will help you become grateful for even the tough times and helps you enjoy the good stuff more deeply.

Now take a step forward and add some happy to your life.


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