Everyone has Attention Deficit Disorder These Days

It seems like people have a hard time reading anything longer than two sentences these days. Twitter feeds, commercials every five minutes, texting, you name it – everywhere you look, there are things that exemplify and propagate ADD.

Quality family time…in front of a TV for four hours.

Heck, I feel like half the conversations I have with friends are via text (my record was 34 texts with the same person in less than half an hour….granted it was commentating play-by-play of the 2010 NBA finals but whatever). I’m already thinking cohort studies twenty years from now for studying the increases in finger arthritis cases. I’d say everyone will be using technology where you can “speak your text messages” but that’d be pretty ridiculous, huh? ….oh wait, there’s already an app for that. Blargh.

It’s really gotten to the point where some people won’t reply to emails longer than a paragraph because they can’t be bothered with reading for an extra thirty seconds. Too long? BAM. NEXT. IGNORE. The kicker is that smartphones are enabling this behavior cuz small screens and app formatting make it a pain in the ass to read long emails, articles, or elaborate webpages. God forbid.

…hey, are you still reading this post? CONGRATULATIONS!!! People can sit still and focus on one thing for extended periods of time. My message is that attention spans have seemed to diminish from one generation to the next and proper care is being lost on important things like relationships and personal stress levels.

What’s the longest you can go without a cell phone, internet, or TV?

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