Welcome to the inside of my head. Sorry but I’ve locked the door and there’s no other way out.

Okay, so where do we start?  Every blog has to have a point, right?  A general theme, focus, or message that the writer tries to impart to the unwitting reader that got sucked into a random blog because he or she is procrastinating at work or looking for a way to putt off doing laundry.  If you’re looking for that aimless excuse then you’ve found it here – welcome!  It’s the same aimless excuse I’m using to write this blog….

Hold on a sec while I take sip of Scotch.  Ah, that’s better.

From here on out, I’m gonna attempt (emphasis on “attempt”) to post keen observations about how we interact with people and then I’ll fumble around for a profound lesson to take from them.  It’ll generally be a serious take on things but I’ll throw in some sarcasm and humor cuz otherwise it’ll be like reading Dante’s Inferno for high school.  And you’ll quickly learn that one of my biggest influences is Bill Watterson who authored the comic strip, “Calvin and Hobbes” – this man is a sociological genius and he’s also the reason why I was such a cynical and sarcastic kid with a knack for mischief.

Here’s hoping this blog enthralls, enlightens, and entertains you. Cheers!

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